Keep Rental Properties Up-to-Date on New Gas Safety Responsibilities

June 10, 2021
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On 29 March 2021, new rental laws in Victoria came into effect, changing the responsibilities of rental providers (previously known as landlords) regarding gas safety checks. Here’s a quick guide to these changes and what they mean for you as a rental property provider, as well as how we can help you keep your property fully compliant.

Gas Safety Obligations for Rental Property Providers in Victoria

  • Gas safety checks have to be performed every 24 months.
  • Gas safety checks must be performed by a licensed or registered gasfitter with a Type A gas appliance servicing work endorsement.
  • A gas safety check must be performed for all new agreements taking place after 29 March 2021
  • A gas safety check must also be performed where a fixed term agreement of more than 5 years is in place and rolls over into a periodic tenancy after the 29 March 2021 date.
  • If no gas safety check has been performed in the last 24 months, one must be performed as soon as possible.
  • Records for gas safety checks must be kept and made available on request by renters.

What is Included in a Gas Safety Check?

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A licensed and experienced gasfitter will check the following:

  • A pressure test on the gas fitting line (leak detection)
  • Check of all gas appliances, including kitchen appliances, fireplaces, and heaters
  • Inspection and cleaning of filters, burners, injectors, heat exchangers, fans, and aeration chambers
  • Inspection and repair of wiring and connections
  • Testing and adjustment of burner pressure, flame failure devices, and safety devices
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Testing of thermostat
  • Negative air pressure testing

Our Team Makes Compliance Easy

Property rental takes a lot of work, and it’s important to have a team you can trust to keep your rental property safe and compliant with the latest regulations. At Tailored Heating & Cooling, we provide gas safety checks for private residential property rental providers and property rental companies through our team of licensed and experienced gasfitters.

We have worked extensively with the real estate industry over the last 30 years, and we understand the need for fast, expert services, clear reporting, and cost-effective services. As a result, we offer same-day responses to tenants for formal work orders and will be on-site in 2 business days – guaranteed. 

Contact us today for reliable, affordable gas safety checks for property rentals in Victoria.

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