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The Bright Side of Solar Power

Gain energy self-reliance, reap long-term financial rewards, and contribute to a sustainable planet – our solar power solutions offer a comprehensive path to an eco-friendly and cost-effective future.

Federal and Solar Victoria Incentives

Take advantage of generous government rebates and incentives, making solar power more accessible and affordable than ever before

Significant Reduction in Energy Bills

Harness the sun's boundless energy to dramatically slash your monthly utility costs, freeing up funds for other priorities.

Increase in Property

Installing solar power solutions enhances your property's market value, providing a smart investment for the future.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Embrace a greener way of living by reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment for generations to come.


Break free from the constraints of traditional energy sources and gain complete control over your power supply with a reliable solar system.

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

Solar power solutions require minimal upkeep, offering a hassle-free and durable investment that pays dividends for decades to come.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Certified and Compliant with Industry Standards

Solar Solutions Tailored to your needs

Residential Solar Systems

Harness the sun's abundant energy to power your home with a state-of-the-art residential solar system. Experience the freedom of energy independence and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, low-maintenance system backed by industry-leading warranties.

Commercial Solar Systems

Cut operating costs and boost your bottom line with high-performance commercial solar solutions tailored to your business. Our scalable systems can accommodate properties of any size, from retail spaces and office buildings to warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Store Sunshine for a Rainy Day

Store sunshine for a rainy day by utilising solar batteries to harness and store solar energy when the sun is shining, ensuring a steady supply of power even during cloudy, rainy weather.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries have long been a cornerstone in the world of solar energy storage, known for their robust reliability and affordability. First developed in the 1800s, these batteries have stood the test of time due to their dependable performance. Available primarily in two variants—flooded lead acid and sealed lead acid—these batteries are particularly well-suited for off-grid solar systems or as reliable emergency backup during power outages.

Advantages of Lead Acid Batteries:

The most appealing feature of lead acid batteries is their cost-effectiveness. They represent the least expensive option for energy storage, making them a popular choice for many consumers.

Disadvantages of Lead Acid Batteries:

Flooded lead acid batteries require proper ventilation and consistent maintenance to prevent leakage and ensure efficient operation. Their design also means they must be installed in a specific orientation, as they cannot be positioned on their sides.

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries represent a modern breakthrough in the field of energy storage, gaining prominence with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Recognized for their potential by EV manufacturers, these batteries have quickly become a preferred choice for solar battery banks, particularly suited to residential solar installations.

Advantages of Lithium ion batteries:

Ability to store more power in a smaller space, which is ideal for powering homes. They allow homeowners to utilise a greater portion of the stored energy, enhancing their efficiency for residential use.

Disadvantages of Lithium ion batteries:

More costly than other energy storage options. Furthermore, their chemical composition presents a higher risk of thermal runaway, which can lead to fires.

Nickel cadmium batteries

Nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, though not as prevalent as lead acid or lithium ion batteries, hold a niche in specific high-demand industries such as aviation. Originating in the late 1800s, Ni-Cd batteries underwent significant enhancements in the 1980s, boosting their energy storage capacity.

Advantages of Nickel cadmium batteries:

They excel in environments requiring resilience, as they can operate under extreme temperatures and do not need complex battery management systems. Furthermore, they are almost maintenance-free, adding to their appeal in demanding settings.

Disadvantages of Nickel cadmium batteries:

The environmental and health impact of cadmium, a highly toxic heavy metal.

Additionally, Ni-Cd batteries are susceptible to the “memory effect,” a phenomenon where batteries “remember” their most frequent discharge point, which can diminish their capacity to hold a full charge over time.

Flow batteries

Flow batteries are an upcoming technology in the energy storage industry, known for their unique mechanism involving a water-based electrolyte liquid that circulates between two separate chambers or tanks. This design facilitates the chemical reactions needed for the storage and discharge of energy. As this technology matures, it is slowly gaining traction, especially in larger installations.

Advantages of Flow batteries:

Ability to achieve a 100% depth of discharge, meaning all the stored energy can be utilized without compromising the battery’s health.

Disadvantages of Flow batteries:

Their considerable size and high cost make them less feasible for residential settings

Their charge and discharge rates are also lower compared to other battery types, necessitating larger setups to be effective in energy storage and release.

Comprehensive Solar Services

Your One-Stop Solution for Solar Installation, Maintenance, and Energy Optimisation. Take a glimpse of what we provide. 

Custom Solar System Design

Expert design services that consider your specific energy requirements, roof layout, and aesthetic preferences to create an optimised solar system plan.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring services to ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency, along with scheduled maintenance visits to address any issues proactively.

Installation of Solar Panels

Professional installation of high-quality solar panels by certified technicians, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal performance.

Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Integration of solar batteries to store excess energy, ensuring power availability during outages and reducing dependency on the grid.

Energy Efficiency

Comprehensive assessments to identify additional energy-saving opportunities in your home, enhancing the overall efficiency of your solar solution.

Upgrade and Expansion Services

Options for upgrading your existing solar system or expanding it to meet growing energy needs, ensuring your investment continues to deliver value.

Reliable Partners for Premium Solar Power Solutions in Melbourne

Aligning with the best in the industry to bring you seamless power and lighting upgrades, ensuring a future where safety, efficiency, and innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Solar Power Solutions

The amount you save depends on factors like your home’s energy consumption, the size of the solar system installed, and available solar incentives in your area. Many homeowners see savings of 50-70% on their annual electricity costs.

Solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days, just at a lower output than full sunlight. They also work during winter months, although production is lower due to shorter daylight hours and lower sun angles.

Quality solar panels are extremely durable and designed to last 25-30 years or longer with little to no maintenance required.

In most cases, you’ll need approval from your local permitting office and homeowner’s association (if applicable). An experienced solar installer can guide you through this process.

Yes, solar panel systems can be uninstalled and reinstalled on a new property by professional solar technicians, allowing you to take the benefits with you.

With net metering, your utility credits you for any excess solar power your panels generate that gets sent back to the grid. This allows you to offset electricity pulled from the grid at night.


Dive into real stories from those who’ve embraced the tailored difference, and discovered a new dimension of comfort and efficiency.

Jacinta Powell
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This company are very professional, punctual, affordable, knowledgeable, excellent workmanship, clean and tidy job site, respectful and keen to ensure the end result was what was discussed and agreed.

Chris and 3 young men arrived to install the units. On arriving they listened and worked through the job to ensure we agreed on the final result.

Simon was so knowledgeable and worked with us to ensure we received an affordable solution to our wants and needs.

The office staff were reliable, courteous and scheduled the job to suit us. I truely recommend this company!!

Thank you guys for a job well done 👏👏
Jennifer Cimino
Read More
I was very happy with Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions. They were prompt in giving me a competitive quote and also came to replace my heater within the week.

The measure of a company is in what they do when you've paid for the heater and things do not go to plan. Tailored Heating were excellent in after sales service. The heater worked well although there was a small issue that caused the heater to turn off and on more than it should. They came and fixed the problem very quickly - no questions asked. The controller needed to be repositioned and Tailored Heating also had the small hole in the wall that resulted, expertly repaired.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and family.
Sam Margerison
Read More
We are very pleased with our new gas ducted heating! The team from THACS operated like clockwork, with plumbers and electricians all arriving to come do their parts while I sat back and "worked" from home. The installation was super neat, tucking the unit under the house behind a brick wall - a huge improvement from our 30-year-old internal beast of a unit (which they also kindly removed for us). The team were professional and friendly, making sure I was kept up to date with the progress of installation, and that I was happy with the job done.

Very pleased with the service! Thank you again!
Peter Joy
Read More
We rang a few places for a quote and got 3 quotes. These guys were the most professional and put us at ease straight away.

Turned up in the day of install as per the agreement, installer was prepared, efficient, open to suggestions and happy to work with us for the best solution for the space available. Brilliant result and cleaned up after himself.

Highly recommend. Tradies that do what they say they will. 5 stars all day long.
Read More
Excellent - highly recommended!

We had a gas log heater installed through Tailored and we are genuinely thrilled with it. Tailored really took the time to listen to what we wanted achieve and gave us honest and helpful advice about which product to go with. The installation was so efficient and done to an excellent standard. We would honestly recommend Tailored to anyone.
Lisa Maxwell
Read More
Chris, Eleni, Bec and the team at Tailored Heating and Cooling were amazing. So friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me several options to choose from to suit different budgets and were able to answer questions pre, during and post installation. I ended up getting ducted heating and cooling as I needed to replace both eventually and wanted to move away from gas to solar. The wifi and Daikin app is a useful added bonus. They were punctual and completed the job quickly and left the place tidy. I would definitely recommend this company.
Short And Neat Garden Maintenance
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Had the pleasure of the tailored team coming out and upgrading our switch board and installing a new aircon unit.The process was great I was always kept updated though out and there team cleaned up once the works was complete. Thank you!

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