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What is a Gas Log Fire System?

A gas log fire system, also known as a gas log fireplace, is a heating appliance that uses natural gas or propane as a fuel source. Its primary purpose is to produce a flame and provide warmth. The design of this system aims to replicate the appearance and ambience of a traditional wood-burning fireplace while offering the convenience and efficiency of a gas-fuelled device.

Typically, gas log fire systems comprise a burner assembly and ceramic logs arranged to mimic the look of burning wood. When the gas is ignited, the flames gracefully dance around the ceramic logs, creating a realistic and visually appealing fire effect. Some gas log fire systems also incorporate additional features such as ember beds or glowing embers to enhance the authenticity of the fire.

Installing a gas log fire system provides both radiant heat and convective heat. Radiant heat refers to the direct heat that emanates from the flames, warming up objects and individuals in its path. On the other hand, convective heat is generated through the movement of air in the room. The combination of radiant and convective heat ensures efficient and uniform heating of the surrounding space.

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Products We Work With

LS 800 Gas Fire
With its eye-catching design, the stunning LS 800 is sure to become the centrepiece of your home. Featuring Rinnai’s clever new Flametech technology, the carefully designed logset allows flames to emerge directly from within the logs themselves achieving the perfect flame picture.
LS 1000 Gas Fire
The hardest decision you’ll have to make with this gas fire is deciding which room you’ll enjoy it from most. Available in a single or a double-sided option, the LS 1000 offers twice the ambience and cosy warmth via its highly realistic-looking flame height. Its generous one metre width also gives it plenty of presence, as well as plenty of heat to warm your home.
LS 1500 Gas Fire
LS 1500 is the perfect fire for large living spaces but scale isn’t all it offers. With wood logs created to precisely match natural driftwood, this is nothing short of a beautiful looking fireplace. Available in single or double sided options, you have a fire that’s a shining example of the wow factor. This is not just a means of heating your home, it’s a feature statement.
650 Gas Fire
The Rinnai 650 gas fire creates an ambient mood with Rinnai’s latest innovation – our new ember bed technology. Rinnai’s ember bed technology has been designed to recreate the warm, enticing glow of a natural wood burning fireplace with the added heating benefits of gas fires.
650 Gas Fire (Freestanding)
The Rinnai 650 Freestanding Gas Fire is the perfect solution to creating an ambient atmosphere. Experience the latest in design innovation, featuring Rinnai’s exclusive ember bed technology. With a flush, thin frame and wide viewing glass, these captivating Gas Fires create a beautiful look that will catch the eye of any design conscious individual.
750 Gas Fire
There’s no better way to escape the winter chill than curling up in front of a flickering fireplace. The efficient Rinnai 750 gas fireplace combines cutting-edge technology and luxury design features to deliver an authentic ambience.
SS850 Gas Fire (Inbuilt)
Inspired by the much-loved Rinnai Sapphire, the SS850 is a stylish and versatile gas fire that is perfect for most homes. The modernised aesthetic, and the replacement of the glass heat shield with a barely visible mesh will ensure the SS850 will be another firm favourite Rinnai gas fire.
SS850 Gas Fire (Freestanding)
With unique, modern style, the SS850 Freestander provides design flexibility that can be integrated into any living space. The Freestander is designed to be installed on a choice of fixed furniture,* giving unlimited design opportunities.
950 Gas Fire
The Rinnai 950 represents a new generation of gas fire from Rinnai, achieving excellence in both energy efficiency and heat output, including a high 5.5* star rating and incredible heat output up to 8.1 kW**.
1250 Gas Fire
At over 1300mm in length, the long landscape design of the 1250 gas fire creates a striking centre piece that meets a variety of interior design styles. More than just a design feature, the 1250 gas fire is equipped with Rinnai’s high performance heat exchanger technology, rapid warm-time and easy-to-use temperature display remote – perfect for quickly heating large, open plan living spaces.

How Does a Gas Log Fire System Work?

Gas log fire systems are a popular choice for heating in Melbourne due to their efficiency, convenience, and visual appeal. These systems operate by burning natural gas or propane fuel in a controlled combustion process. The ignition mechanism, such as an electronic ignition or pilot light, sparks the mixture of gas and air, creating stunning flames that resemble those of a wood-burning fireplace. These flames produce radiant heat, effectively warming the surrounding space.

Gas log fire systems employ a combination of radiant heat and convection to distribute warmth, ensuring consistent temperatures. They are equipped with user-friendly controls that allow for adjusting flame intensity and heat output. Additionally, they incorporate safety features such as oxygen depletion sensors and flame failure devices. Various ventilation options are available, including chimneys, flue systems, balanced flue, or flueless designs. Our team of experts can assist in determining the most suitable ventilation option for your specific needs.

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The Tailored Difference

Efficient Heating

Stay comfortably warm with gas log fire systems. These systems provide instant heat at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for firewood or waiting for a fire to build up. With their efficient combustion process, they convert fuel to heat effectively, ensuring your space stays cozy during colder months.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Simplify your heating experience with gas log fire systems. Bid farewell to the tedious tasks of cleaning ashes or maintaining a wood-burning fireplace. Gas log fire systems offer a hassle-free heating solution, providing warmth and ambience at your fingertips.

Customisable Cooling

Enhance your space with the captivating beauty of gas log fire systems. These systems boast realistic flames that gracefully dance around ceramic logs, recreating the charm of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They infuse your environment with elegance and warmth, elevating its aesthetic appeal and crafting a welcoming ambience for you and your guests.


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Jacinta Powell
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This company are very professional, punctual, affordable, knowledgeable, excellent workmanship, clean and tidy job site, respectful and keen to ensure the end result was what was discussed and agreed.

Chris and 3 young men arrived to install the units. On arriving they listened and worked through the job to ensure we agreed on the final result.

Simon was so knowledgeable and worked with us to ensure we received an affordable solution to our wants and needs.

The office staff were reliable, courteous and scheduled the job to suit us. I truely recommend this company!!

Thank you guys for a job well done 👏👏
Jennifer Cimino
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I was very happy with Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions. They were prompt in giving me a competitive quote and also came to replace my heater within the week.

The measure of a company is in what they do when you've paid for the heater and things do not go to plan. Tailored Heating were excellent in after sales service. The heater worked well although there was a small issue that caused the heater to turn off and on more than it should. They came and fixed the problem very quickly - no questions asked. The controller needed to be repositioned and Tailored Heating also had the small hole in the wall that resulted, expertly repaired.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and family.
Sam Margerison
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We are very pleased with our new gas ducted heating! The team from THACS operated like clockwork, with plumbers and electricians all arriving to come do their parts while I sat back and "worked" from home. The installation was super neat, tucking the unit under the house behind a brick wall - a huge improvement from our 30-year-old internal beast of a unit (which they also kindly removed for us). The team were professional and friendly, making sure I was kept up to date with the progress of installation, and that I was happy with the job done.

Very pleased with the service! Thank you again!
Peter Joy
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We rang a few places for a quote and got 3 quotes. These guys were the most professional and put us at ease straight away.

Turned up in the day of install as per the agreement, installer was prepared, efficient, open to suggestions and happy to work with us for the best solution for the space available. Brilliant result and cleaned up after himself.

Highly recommend. Tradies that do what they say they will. 5 stars all day long.
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Excellent - highly recommended!

We had a gas log heater installed through Tailored and we are genuinely thrilled with it. Tailored really took the time to listen to what we wanted achieve and gave us honest and helpful advice about which product to go with. The installation was so efficient and done to an excellent standard. We would honestly recommend Tailored to anyone.
Lisa Maxwell
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Chris, Eleni, Bec and the team at Tailored Heating and Cooling were amazing. So friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me several options to choose from to suit different budgets and were able to answer questions pre, during and post installation. I ended up getting ducted heating and cooling as I needed to replace both eventually and wanted to move away from gas to solar. The wifi and Daikin app is a useful added bonus. They were punctual and completed the job quickly and left the place tidy. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, gas log fire systems can be used as a primary heating source for your space. They provide efficient and effective heating, and many models are designed to heat large areas.

Yes, gas log fire systems are known for their energy efficiency. They have high combustion efficiency and can convert a large portion of the fuel into usable heat, making them an efficient heating option.


Gas log fire heaters are considered environmentally friendly compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They produce fewer emissions, such as particulate matter and pollutants, and have a smaller carbon footprint.

There are various types of gas log fire systems available, including freestanding units, built-in units, gas log inserts, and gas log fireplaces with mantels or surrounds. Each type offers different installation options and aesthetic features.

Choosing the right size gas log fire system depends on factors such as the size of the room, ceiling height, insulation, and desired heat output. It’s recommended to consult with our experts, who can assess your space and recommend the appropriate size.

Yes, gas log fire systems require proper ventilation. They can be vented through a chimney or flue system, or they can be designed as balanced flue or flueless systems. The ventilation method depends on the specific model and installation requirements.

Yes, a gas log fire system can often be installed in an existing fireplace. However, it’s essential to consult with a professional to ensure compatibility and proper installation for safety and optimal performance.

It is recommended to have your gas log fire system professionally serviced and maintained annually. Gss log fire repairs and regular maintenance ensure the system is clean, safe, and operating efficiently. A qualified technician will inspect the components, clean the unit, check the gas pressure, and address any potential issues.

Gas log fire systems are generally considered safe when installed and maintained correctly. They incorporate safety features such as oxygen depletion sensors and flame failure devices to ensure safe operation. It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines and have them professionally installed and serviced.

The lifespan of a gas log fire system can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of the system. On average, a well-maintained gas log fire system can last around 10 to 20 years or more.

Yes, many gas log fire systems can be operated with a remote control. Remote controls allow you to conveniently adjust flame settings, heat output, and other features from the comfort of your couch.

The cost of a gas log fire system can vary depending on several factors, including the type of unit, size, brand, features, and installation requirements. It’s best to consult with a heating professional or request a quote from a reputable supplier to get an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.

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