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Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate solution for year-round comfort for your home office or any large indoor space.
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What is a Ducted Reverse Cycle System?

Welcome to THACS, a provider of unique heating and cooling solutions. A ducted split system air conditioner installation, one of the systems we offer, is the ideal solution for homes and businesses that suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations.

With a ducted split system, you can heat and cool your home year-round. Compressors are located outside, and indoor units are connected to ducts to distribute heated or cooled air throughout a building. A thermostat controls each zone of the building, allowing you to set the desired temperature.

The ducted reverse cycle system offers different airflow rates, temperatures, and air quality features for different zones. As well as being energy-efficient, this system can reduce operating costs and save energy by using one system. Furthermore, we offer a smartphone app that lets you adjust the temperature and settings even when you’re away.

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Products We Work With

Premium Inverter Ducted
Daikin Premium Inverter provides superior comfort in next to no time. Engineered to deliver remarkable energy performance, design flexibility and R22 retrofit capability, the Premium Inverter Ducted range is perfect for providing discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home.
Inverter Ducted
Engineered to deliver a compact and efficient design, our Inverter series is ideal for installation into the tight roof space of any modern home and now also features R22 retrofit capability for 5.0-15.5kW models.
Bulkhead System
The Bulkhead range is the ideal choice for air conditioning areas where a discreet installation is preferred. The indoor unit fits flush into the ceiling with only the suction air and discharge grilles visible inside your home and leaving maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decoration and fittings. The Bulkhead range is truly discreet with whisper quiet operations to ensure limited impact to internal room aesthetics and acoustics.
Slim-Line Ducted
Designed specifically to suit installations where ceiling space is at a premium, our Slim-Line Ducted series has unparalleled flexibility and freedom of design. Ideal for narrow ceiling spaces or under the floor, this ducted system meets the challenges of modern commercial and medium density apartment development.

How Does a Ducted Reverse Cycle System Work?

With a ducted split system, heat is extracted from outdoor or indoor air and transferred to the desired location. The reverse cycle system is named after the fact that it can cool as well as heat areas, making it suitable for extreme temperature fluctuations.

Two main units are involved in the system: an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor unit connected to a duct system that distributes the heated or cooled air throughout the building. Indoor units have fans that circulate air through the ducts.


Heat is transferred from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit during the heating cycle. Heat is then transferred from the indoor unit to the ducts, where it circulates throughout the building. On the other hand, the cooling cycle involves extracting heat from indoor air and transferring it outside.

Users can adjust the temperature in each zone of the building using the thermostat on the ducted reverse cycle system. Various zone controls, such as airflow rates, temperature, and air quality, can also be included in the system.

The Tailored Difference

Energy efficient

As for smart investments, ducted split reverse cycle systems are highly energy efficient, with many models achieving high energy star ratings.

Improved air quality

Dust, allergens, and other pollutants can also be removed from indoor air using ducted reverse cycle systems. For allergy sufferers or those with respiratory problems, this can be especially beneficial.


It’s not just that. With this system, you can customise temperature, air flow rate, and even air quality settings for different zones. Energy consumption and operating costs can be reduced with this level of control, making the system a smart investment.


Dive into real stories from those who’ve embraced the tailored difference, and discovered a new dimension of comfort and efficiency.

Jacinta Powell
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This company are very professional, punctual, affordable, knowledgeable, excellent workmanship, clean and tidy job site, respectful and keen to ensure the end result was what was discussed and agreed.

Chris and 3 young men arrived to install the units. On arriving they listened and worked through the job to ensure we agreed on the final result.

Simon was so knowledgeable and worked with us to ensure we received an affordable solution to our wants and needs.

The office staff were reliable, courteous and scheduled the job to suit us. I truely recommend this company!!

Thank you guys for a job well done 👏👏
Jennifer Cimino
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I was very happy with Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions. They were prompt in giving me a competitive quote and also came to replace my heater within the week.

The measure of a company is in what they do when you've paid for the heater and things do not go to plan. Tailored Heating were excellent in after sales service. The heater worked well although there was a small issue that caused the heater to turn off and on more than it should. They came and fixed the problem very quickly - no questions asked. The controller needed to be repositioned and Tailored Heating also had the small hole in the wall that resulted, expertly repaired.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and family.
Sam Margerison
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We are very pleased with our new gas ducted heating! The team from THACS operated like clockwork, with plumbers and electricians all arriving to come do their parts while I sat back and "worked" from home. The installation was super neat, tucking the unit under the house behind a brick wall - a huge improvement from our 30-year-old internal beast of a unit (which they also kindly removed for us). The team were professional and friendly, making sure I was kept up to date with the progress of installation, and that I was happy with the job done.

Very pleased with the service! Thank you again!
Peter Joy
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We rang a few places for a quote and got 3 quotes. These guys were the most professional and put us at ease straight away.

Turned up in the day of install as per the agreement, installer was prepared, efficient, open to suggestions and happy to work with us for the best solution for the space available. Brilliant result and cleaned up after himself.

Highly recommend. Tradies that do what they say they will. 5 stars all day long.
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Excellent - highly recommended!

We had a gas log heater installed through Tailored and we are genuinely thrilled with it. Tailored really took the time to listen to what we wanted achieve and gave us honest and helpful advice about which product to go with. The installation was so efficient and done to an excellent standard. We would honestly recommend Tailored to anyone.
Lisa Maxwell
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Chris, Eleni, Bec and the team at Tailored Heating and Cooling were amazing. So friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me several options to choose from to suit different budgets and were able to answer questions pre, during and post installation. I ended up getting ducted heating and cooling as I needed to replace both eventually and wanted to move away from gas to solar. The wifi and Daikin app is a useful added bonus. They were punctual and completed the job quickly and left the place tidy. I would definitely recommend this company.
Short And Neat Garden Maintenance
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Had the pleasure of the tailored team coming out and upgrading our switch board and installing a new aircon unit.The process was great I was always kept updated though out and there team cleaned up once the works was complete. Thank you!

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All customers receive comprehensive servicing, maintenance, and repairs from our technicians. Our maintenance services include air filter cleaning, refrigerant level monitoring, electrical connection inspections, and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that ducted air conditioning can increase the value of your home. It is especially important if the system is modern, in good condition, and expected to last for a long time.


Generally speaking, the daytime living area is multiplied by the height of the ceiling for the calculation. A house with high ceilings will require a larger air conditioner because air conditioning is all about cooling or heating the volume of air.

A heat pump is a principle behind air conditioners. They transfer heat from one place to another, as their name implies. This is how they work.

Warm air is drawn from your home and cooled by a refrigerant liquid inside an air conditioner. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air. A fan blows back the cooled air.

After the refrigerant has evaporated, it flows into the outdoor unit’s compressor, which creates a high-pressure, high-temperature gas. In order to cool and liquefy again, the refrigerant flows through a heat exchanger, which lets the heat escape. By decreasing its pressure, the expansion device cools the refrigerant further, allowing it to absorb heat again.

As the name implies, reverse-cycle air conditioners reverse this process and can cool as well as heat.

This depends on the size and difficulty of the installation of your air conditioner. The cost of installation can range between $5,000 and $10,000. A small, easily accessible home will likely have a lower price than a large, two-story house with a higher price. 

Are these prices steep? While they may be expensive, you won’t have to worry about your home getting hot or cold in any season because you’ll have a reliable system to keep you comfortable.  

If you want to save some money on air conditioning, you can do the following: 

  • Make sure you check the COP and EER ratings. EER stands for Energy Efficiency Rating and indicates how energy efficient your ducted air conditioner is. Go with the one that has a higher rating. Coefficient of Performance (COP) is a measurement of heating efficiency. These two ratings must be expressed on labels. 
  • Maintain a reasonable temperature. During the summer, this means around 25 Celsius and during the winter, 20 Celsius. 
  • Ensure that there are no leaks, frostings, or similar events. Turn off the AC in non-used rooms. Keep the doors closed in unoccupied rooms to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. 
  • Don’t forget to perform regular maintenance. THACS can assist you with installation, maintenance, and repairs as well.  

An average freestanding house can cost up to $10,000, depending on its size and type of system. Your budget will probably be around $15,000 if you have a large or multi-floor home. 


For calculation purposes, we will assume your air conditioner is running at full capacity and that the heating capacity is 7 kW. The cost of your hourly rate depends on a number of factors, including 

  • Air conditioning capacity 
  • Its working hours and level, 
  • Electricity prices 
StateElectricity price (per kWh)The hourly cost of running a reverse cycle air conditioner
South Australia43 c$3.01
New South Wales33.1 c$2.31
Victoria28.3 c$1.98
Queensland27.6 c$1.93

 You can also reduce those prices to half by running it at 50%. 

A high EER and COP rating means the air conditioner will consume less electricity and so cost less per hour. Furthermore, insulation can keep the room at a constant temperature for a longer period, eliminating the need to heat or cool the space. 

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