Multi-Head Split Systems vs Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

January 29, 2021
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The question of what air conditioning system to install in your home or business often comes down to one issue – which is better, a multi-head split system or a ducted air conditioning system? Here are some insights on how each system works and the pros and cons, so you can make the right choice for your property and your budget.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning Systems

A split type air conditioner mounted on a white wall.

Split systems, as the name suggests, are made up of two separate components – the heat exchanger unit that blows cool air into your room and the condenser, which is located on the outside of the house. A multi-head split system runs multiple indoor units from one single outdoor unit, allowing it too cool multiple rooms without you having to install an external unit for each internal unit.

Other than the aesthetic benefits of not needing multiple external units on your exterior walls, this system also allows you to have complete control over which rooms are cooled and the temperature that they are cooled to. This caters effectively for different cooling preferences, as well as allowing you to save energy and reduce wastage by only cooling spaces that are being used.

The biggest advantage of these systems is that they are easy to install in any type of property, including buildings that have low ceilings or limited roof space, because all they require is wall space for the internal and external units. With the right multi-head split air system, you can also heat your space as well as cool it down.

So, what are the drawbacks? Multi-head split systems are usually more expensive to buy and install than a single split system. However, if you want to cool multiple rooms or your whole home, they are more attractive and less expensive than having to install multiple single split systems.

Another drawback is that you will have an internal unit in each room where you want cooling, which can create a cosmetic or space issue. However, most modern multi-head split systems are designed to be compact as well as attractive.

Professional installers can assess your property and use their expertise to plan your multi-head split air system, showing you the latest technology to suit your home’s cooling needs and design.

Pros and Cons of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems also have a lot to offer. The system is usually completely hidden from view, with units installed in the roof space or a hidden area against your external wall. The cooled air is sent through ducts in your roof to unobtrusive vents that open into each room, cooling your entire space effectively without impacting on the space or aesthetics of the room.

Depending on the technology you install, you can create different cooling zones to customise your home’s cooling, creating different temperatures for different rooms. This also allows you to save money by reducing wastage, ensuring you aren’t cooling rooms that are not being used.

While these units are typically used in large properties like shopping centres, office buildings and schools, they can be used in large homes and smaller commercial properties. Many modern ducted systems can be used all year round, reversing their cooling technology to warm rooms in winter.

As with multi-head split air conditioning systems, there are some disadvantages and additional considerations you should know about before you commit. Ducted systems are more expensive to install, and require enough roof space to accommodate the unit and the ducting itself. If you have low ceilings or a lack of roof space, you probably won’t be able to install a ducted air conditioning system.

The installation is more extensive because the system requires vents in each room, so the labour costs can be significantly higher than installing a split system. However, these costs can become comparatively less the larger the building is because the costs of venting to many rooms will be less than the cost of installing multiple separate split air conditioning units or even a multi-head split air conditioning system.

One significant benefit is that these systems tend to be more energy efficient for large buildings in the long term, delivering regular savings on your utility bill. If you want your entire home or office building cooled consistently and constantly through the summer as well as the ability to control and customise cooling through smart technology, ducted systems are the most cost-effective answer.

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