Stay Warm This Winter With A Multi-Head Split System

July 20, 2019
An air pump installed outdoors of a modern looking home.

For most of us, summoning the will to get out of bed in the morning can only be achieved because there’s a job waiting for us that has to be done. This might be working in an office, on a building site or getting the kids to school.

Given the choice, when that alarm goes off before the sun has begun to warm things up, most of us would much rather stay nice and warm in bed during a Melbourne winter than face the bitter cold.

Melbourne in the middle of winter – July – is particularly unpleasant in the early mornings (if you don’t like the cold!). Often, if it is not drizzling there’s a bite to the wind that blows through the city that seems to reach through every layer of clothing.

While it is unfortunate that we all have to get out of bed at some stage to brave these brutal Melbourne winter mornings, there’s a practical solution for warming your home that will make things a little easier; a multi head split system.

Two air pumps installed outdoors of a gray house with pebbled stone ways.

A Multi head split system, sometimes just called “multi split systems” consist of a primary outdoor unit and multiple indoor units that drive the ambient temperatures of a room. This system allows for each room with a secondary unit (controlled by the primary one) to moderate individual temperatures of that specific room.

This means is that a bedroom can be kept a comfortable 15 degrees overnight, but the living areas slightly warmer. This makes the overall living environment of a home or office much more comfortable during the middle of winter.

A multi head split system setup is a similar to a wall-hung system. The latter does not operate using an outdoor primary controller, so the main difference is that the workflow is ‘split’ into the condenser unit (the primary unit) and the internal units for a multi head split system.

With the cooling setting applied, warm air is removed from the room by the internal unit and cooler air recirculated back in its place. When the heater setting is functioning, the opposite takes place.

It is possible to have many internal units – up to 9 – controlled by the one primary unit. This depends on the make and model of the multi head split system you are installing. Our expert team will be able to guide you on the best system for your home or office requirements.

Multi split systems are best suited for spaces that have low ceilings, or a limited ability to create a ducted network to heat or cool a given area. They are also often more cost-effective than a conventional ducted system making them ideal for larger rooms or office spaces.

Contact our expert team for the most cost-effective multi head split system for your home or office that will keep you warm in summer and warm in winter.

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