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High Wall Split Systems

Thanks to a series of weather fronts that all meet at similar points, the southern part of Australia is renowned for its unusual and unpredictable weather. There’s no better way to prepare for these periods of unusual weather than with a Daikin Split System. Melbourne might send unseasonable periods of heat or cold at odd times, but the Daikin can keep you comfortable no matter what is going on outdoors.

The right Daikin air conditioning service unit is designed to keep you cool in summer and whilst the heater will keep out the winter chills. With so much versatility, there is a Daikin Split System that is suited to almost any environmental situation. At Tailored Heating and Cooling Services, we offer a wide variety of Daikin models to best to suit your special requirements and the needs of your partner, staff or family. Our systems are available in either wall mounted or floor standing type. You’ll never again have to worry about combating the extreme weather conditions that Melbourne offers up with our Daikin system.

Multi Split Systems

Daikin Split Systems are the perfect way to cool or heat specific for air conditioning one room or a specific area of your home. This allows you to keep different separate parts of your environment at different temperatures according to the requirements of different individuals. Choosing from our wide variety of Daikin Multi Split Systems to best suit your requirements can be done via a simple assessment of your environment. The specific type of Daikin ducted air conditioning / heating unit that is best suited for you can be determined during one of our consultations with one of our expert staff. After so many years working with individuals, business owners, families and couples, there’s not many installation types we have not seen, nor been able to successfully advise on.

Ducted Systems

Daikin Ducted Systems will provide the perfect air conditioned comfort for your home or office. We can install into a new home build or tailor a solution to suit your existing home. Once installed the only visible components of the system, are the controller, the return air and discharge grilles.

This allows your home to remain at a comfortable temperature all year-round without the unsightly units looking out of place in your environment. This can also help to add value to your home or office thanks to the ability to control the temperature.