Multi-Head Split System in Melbourne

A multi head split system operates very closely to how a wall-hung split system does. The primary different between the two is that a multi head split system runs more than one units – typically installed indoors, from one outdoor unit.
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How a Multi-Head Split System Works

The biggest benefit of this sort of a system is the temperature control it offers each room containing one of the indoor units. The temperature can be configured accordingly to the needs of the individuals or circumstances in each room.

In a city like Melbourne, with its highly unpredictable spikes in temperature during the warmer months, having the ability to temperature-control individual rooms can be a tremendous benefit to people who feel the heat differently, and thus require a different environment to feel comfortable. This is particularly true in the office.

A Multi head split system air conditioner can offer more versatility and efficiencies than a ducted system and are often a much more appropriate solution for houses or offices that have low ceilings, and do not have the capacity for a duct-based solution.

Such a system also offers equal benefits during the colder months in Melbourne, since a split system offers both an air conditioner and heater to be used accordingly, a multi head split system allows temperature control of individual rooms with indoor units in exactly the same way. As with cooling in summer, this can be extremely valuable for office spaces (and even the home) since different people feel the cold in very different ways.

An office that has a group of people who feel the cold much more than others could be directed to perform their daily duties in a room with a warmer temperature setting than other rooms. This helps to keep the peace in a working environment, leading to greater working efficiencies and less frustrated employers because they are uncomfortable.

This sort of a solution is ideal for smaller environments with lots of smaller rooms. Low ceilings make opting for a multi head split system a smart choice since the rooms will heat / cool faster and in such a room there is often not the space for a ducted system. A ducted system is typically the best option for a large home or office, where sensors can be fitted to individual rooms to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

A split system is likely to be a cheaper option than a multi split, but without the benefit of being able to control the ambient temperature in a series of rooms, the increase in price is often worth it in the long run.

A few final things to take into consideration when deciding on your preferred heating or cooling split system. The dimensions of the room, particularly its height and low ceilings tend to rule out a few options. The type of the room, what is it used for? Is it a bedroom or an office or a living area? This can dictate whether a unit is even needed.

Insulation of the home or office should be considered since adequate or inadequate insulation will influence the power required to maintain some temperature stability. Finally, give some consideration to the orientation of the house / office itself. Windows facing the sun can help to heat a room, whilst curtains or shades can help reflect heat.

All these sorts of considerations can help you to naturally keep your home or office cooler in summer and warmer in winter, but a multi split air conditioner / heating unit is the perfect back up plan to.

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