What Are The Primary Benefits Of A Multi-Head Split System

March 14, 2020
A white heat pump installed outdoors.

What Are The Primary Benefits Of A Multi-Head Split System?

The convenience of temperature control is probably the biggest asset that a multi-head split system offers. Individual rooms within a space can be set to different temperatures (as long as there is a unit in that room) which offers tremendous flexibility in how the comfortability of each room can be set to a particular person’s preferences.

Some people feel the cold more than others, and some feel the heat more so. By installing a multi-head split system in the home or office, bedrooms, living areas and even bathrooms can be set to the most suitable temperature all year round.

Two heat pumps beneath a window.

Cities such as Melbourne that are prone to hot and cold snaps on a daily basis are the perfect example of when a system such as this is extremely valuable. Aside from maintaining the most desirable temperatures around the home or office, it can actually work in favour of a reduction of energy bills since the space can be kept at a consistent temperature.

There is no need to run an air-conditioner at full throttle for several hours to cool a room since its temperature will have been maintained, perhaps with some minor adjustments throughout the day.

The indirect benefits of this system are things like sleeping and general well-being. Trying to sleep in an unbearably hot room during summer can be almost impossible. Melbourne is prone to multiple days and nights of temperatures that exceed 35 degrees during the day and into the high twenties at night.

Utilising the capabilities of a multi-head split system leaves a bedroom at an acceptable temperature, and a good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold.

Ducted systems are still a valid option, but offer much less flexibility than a multi-head split system air conditioner if you are limited to the constraints of ceiling height or wall obstructions.

These space-saving options make the multi-head split system an attractive solution for a lot of older homes or offices that have smaller rooms and lower ceilings since they are smaller and require less space to function.

Of course, the other benefit of such a system is that it can be reversed and generate a lovely warm environment during the colder winter months.

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