Ducted Air Solutions

September 30, 2019
A row of air ducts on a gray ceiling.

The air that we breathe can have a significant impact on our health and how productive we are during our work-day. Air that is unfiltered, dirty or contaminated with pathogens have an impact on our respiratory health which in turn can cause breathing difficulties, fatigue, cause asthma attacks and can induce nausea.

Smokers and asthmatics will potentially find breathing uncomfortable throughout the 8-10 hour day, particularly when this is compounded over time. Someone who is a severe asthmatic may require a greater amount of sick leave to manage their systems because of the conditions in their workplace.

An air vent on a powder blue wall.

Many ducted air solutions utilise the latest in anti-microbial technology and can actually filter and clean the air as it flows through the duct and into environments where human will breathe in that air.

Silver is a natural antibiotic and studies have shown it to be highly effective at killing many air-borne pathogens that contaminate the air. A silver-based coating within a duct-system naturally imparts their many anti-microbial features that kill 99.9% of these air-borne pathogens that can be detrimental to our respiratory health.

Ducted air solutions that offer this sort of technology are commonplace in many parts of Western Europe but are beginning to become more acknowledged in Australia as a viable way to deliver cleaner air into the workplace.

Such solutions are highly applicable in the hospitality, medical and educational industries since these sorts of institutions have thousands of people passing through them each year, many of whom would be carrying diseases ranging from the common cold to something much more sinister.

By implementing the appropriate ducted air solution into your workplace, you will be providing a much healthier working environment for your staff to work in, helping them to work at their best and minimising the chances of them fall ill and requiring sick leave.

Our experienced team here at THACS can recommend the most suitable ducted air solutions for your specific requirements. Contact us today to find out how.

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