Preparing Your Home for Summer

December 6, 2021

The full heat of summer is going to be upon us soon and while we’re all looking forward to more outdoor time relaxing in the sunshine, the heat can be a real problem in your home. Whether you’re trying to sleep better, work from home, or just know that you have a cool, bug-free space to escape to whenever you need it, it’s good to make sure your home can provide it. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the summer.

#1 – Service your air conditioning system

There are few feelings worse than that moment when your air conditioning system stops working! It will always happen on the worst possible day; when you’re the least prepared and really need to escape the heat. That’s why we recommend preventative maintenance and servicing now – before the rush is on and technicians have to try to fit you in on their busy schedules.

This way, you can minimise the risk of breakdowns, which are usually much more expensive to repair than a basic service will cost you and know that your system is running at peak efficiency too, so you don’t have to stress about your energy bill.

A man securing a screw of an open split type air conditioner.

#2 – Install a high-efficiency home cooling system

Don’t try to beat the Aussie heat through sheer willpower – especially if you are working from home or live with seniors or young children. The heat can be debilitating to your productivity and mood and can be dangerous for bubs and the elderly, as their bodies cannot regulate temperature as effectively.

There’s an air conditioning system to suit every home and almost every budget, from whole-home cooling systems to compact systems that cool specific spaces. We recommend that you look for the most high-efficiency rated model you can, as these will help you save significantly on running costs while keeping cool.

#3 – Shade your home with your garden

The garden is a great space for helping to cool your home, providing shade on hot days, and cooling the air by retaining moisture. Of course, as Melbourne is a bushfire region, you should clean out gutters, remove all dead plant material, and keep your grass always trimmed short. But this doesn’t mean you can’t create a cooling garden.

Plant trees that can cast shade strategically onto your house (even trees in containers outside windows can help) create a covered deck area that is perfect for relaxing and helps shade the inside of your home on hot days and install a pond with a running fountain to add moisture to the air.

#4 – Seal leaks, use blinds, and install fans

Unless there is a breeze, shut your windows and enjoy your air conditioner. By preventing any air leaks by sealing doors and windows, your air conditioner doesn’t need to work too hard to keep your space cool. You can also install ceiling fans to help shift hot air out of the house, and screens over windows and doors to let cool air in at night but keep the critters out.

Closing curtains and blinds during the day (especially on sides of your home that get the most sunlight, or if you are out during the day) will help keep your home cool and prevent fabric and flooring from bleaching.

At Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions, we’ve been serving Melbourne homeowners and residential developments for decades. With market-leading products, including evaporative cooling systems, split air, ducted, and multi-split air conditioning systems, we help to keep your home cool and comfortable through any heatwave.

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