Winter’s Coming – Service Your Home Heating System Today

April 22, 2022

Feel that autumn freshness in the air and the evening setting in a little earlier? Winter is on its way, and that means it’s time to haul out your hoodies and prepare your home for the icy weather to come. One of the most important things every homeowner needs to do is book a service for your home heating equipment. Here’s why this is so important, from Melbourne’s home heating specialists.

Why service your home heating system

Home heating systems require an annual service to:

  • Reduce breakdown risks – The last thing you want is for your heating to stop working during a cold snap! During a service, worn parts and lose connections that happen through regular wear-and-tear are repaired, so you aren’t left in the cold.
  • Reduce heating bills – Energy bills soar during Melbourne’s cold, wet winters. And this year, the La Nina is set to bring us an especially chilly season. Non-serviced systems have a much lower energy efficiency, pushing up your monthly bill.
  • Reduce allergens and respiratory issues – Servicing includes cleaning your unit and cleaning or replacing the air filters, ensuring that the air in your home is clean, fresh, and free from germs, pathogens, mould spores, and allergens. 
Focus shot of a heat pump installed outdoors, shot during daytime.

How Tailored Heating & Cooling can assist you

Tailored Heating & Cooling is a family-run business that’s been operating in Melbourne for decades, bringing affordable expertise and services to homeowners, home rental providers, and residential developers. As Melbourne natives, we know exactly what your home needs through the seasons to be the comfortable and healthy environment you and your family deserves. We can assist you with

– Installing and servicing air filtration equipment leading into cold and flu season/COVID season, using industry-leading HEPA air filtration to remove pathogens, germs, and viruses.

– Carbon monoxide testing of gas appliances for home rental purposes, home sales, and to ensure exceptional home safety especially for children and the elderly.

– Upgrading your heating system (including installing combination heating and cooling systems) to world-class, high-efficiency systems for future energy and cost savings. We work with only the best, tried-and-tested brands, including market-leaders Daikin.

We can assist you this autumn and winter with servicing, repairs, or upgrades for:

Tailored Heating & Cooling is a fully insured provider of heating and cooling services and equipment in Melbourne, offering friendly service, great value for money, and proven heating systems. We also offer financing plans for high-efficiency Daikin home heating systems. Contact us today and keep your home cosy, warm, and clean this winter!

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